ever since i can remember i have indulged in creative endeavors of one kind or another. as a young boy i was inspired by the volcanic, jungle surroundings i grew up with in the far reaches of guatemala. as an american, i was a distinct outsider. during my high-school years in texas i was a distinct outsider for other reasons. through it all, though, i have gained a unique perspective of my surroundings, and it all gets translated into my creative expression.

aside from small-ish jobs silkscreening t-shirts and other print production companies in dallas and calgary, pretty much all of my professional design experience has been in new york city. after leaving parson’s school of design in the 90’s i established a successful career in fine art serigraphy production before digital print technology adversely impacted the market. seeing the writing on the wall there, i pursued other artistic avenues and have since become a multi-tiered designer in both digital and hand-production projects.

as a highly creative individual, i prefer to work on a wide range of projects at any given time. i have designed and built theatrical sets for multiple productions, built and designed e-commerce sites, built brands from the ground up, directed and produced photography/marketing campaigns, designed catalogs, mocked up and developed products, built major presentations, wrapped cars…you name it.

one of the great benefits of having done so many different kinds of projects is that i understand how to get from point a to point b in a pinch. this enables me to effectively chart a design strategy before the actual design phase begins.

so why the blog?

along the way i have learned quite a few design tricks. i am almost completely self-taught, so my methods are quite likely different from the conventional design approach. until recently most of my tricks have been a closely guarded secret. but now i am ready to share them with anyone that might be interested.

andreas engel


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